Crimwine is a project expansion of Chemical Distributors, Incorporated that is designed to provide wineries with chemicals and blends to facilitate wine-making operations.

We have taken over 60 years of experience in the chemical distribution, manufacturing and blending industries to provide a line of winery chemicals designed with your company in mind.

Wine Glasses

Crimwine - We provide Your solution!

Drawing from our years of experience, over 82,000 square feet of warehousing and blending space, strategic positioning in the Northeast corner of the United States, our own fleet of trucks, and the buying strength needed to keep costs in-line, Crimwine is ready for you.

  • Chemicals manufactured for virtually every industry.
  • A complete line of commodity and specialty products to compliment the blends.
  • Whether your needs call for processing, sanititizing, cleaning, or chemical blends, we have you covered.
  • Analytical / Research and Development laboratories on site.